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Air India Opened Flight Ticket Booking from London, Singapore and America to India.

Last updated on 12 August 2020

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Air India is operating special flights ex-India to various destinations for Evacuation of stranded Indian citizens.

On the outgoing flights ex-India, Air India will be accepting eligible passengers who are desirous of travelling abroad to the selected destinations as per the following criteria

Coronavirus | Germany, U.K. seek Air India flights to evacuate ...

Such passengers can be
Nationals of the destination countries.
Indian and foreign nationals who hold valid VISA of at least one year duration of the country of destination.
Green Card / OCI Card holders.

The entire cost of travel will be borne by the passenger
Before purchasing the tickets , such persons are required to recheck their eligibility for travel by referring to the conditions on the respective countries regulatory website.

The passenger must ensure that they comply with all travel and health requirements of the country of destination


At the time of boarding the flight , passengers will have to undergo thermal screening as per health protocol. Only asymptomatic travellers would be allowed to board the flight

Passengers have to undertake to directly bear the entire cost towards Quarantine charges at the time of arrival at the destination.

MHA guidelines link on Main Banner .
Passengers will be travelling on these flights at their own risk.
Passengers have to undertake that in case of deportation, the entire cost towards deportation penalty, return fare and cost of Quarantine will be borne by the passenger.

Air India Website Link to Book the Flight Ticket and other required documents.


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  1. Mithilesh ray Mithilesh ray 7 May 2020

    Mithilesh ray Dubai to Lucknow

  2. Gururaj Gururaj 7 May 2020

    Please open the domestic flights.I am stuck in hyderabad and I have to go to ranchi.When will domestic flights open

    • Arif Ansari Arif Ansari 7 May 2020

      I’m Rady to go india
      Maidam ya betawo tickets 🎟 kayse booking Hoge aur Kay Kay kerna Pera ga

  3. Akram Kureshi Akram Kureshi 7 May 2020

    Hi sir im traveling India pils

  4. Akram Kureshi Akram Kureshi 7 May 2020

    Flight booking what to do

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