Vande Bharat Mission Week 2 Plan is ready : Here is the list of countries where Air India will operate Flights

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Government of India has all planned for week 2 to brought back stranded Indian in other countries. as per latest announcement in week 2 passenger will be brought back from those countries where Air India are still not operating few highlight

  • In week 2 there will be 5 flight from Indonesia, 6 from Malaysia and 5 from Philippines
  • Along with South East Asia, there will be 6 flight to Australia ( Sydney and Melbourne)

In the firs week of plan Air India plan to bring back 14800 Indian Citizen,

but from a limited number of countries. The second week, beginning from May 16, and it will be bigger and many more countries will be cover, including places where Air India does not fly.

India is planning 106 flights to take passengers to cities closer to their destinations, India is sending flights to other areas Europe, Russia, other countries that were part of the former Soviet Union, Canada, and more countries in the Far East and Australia.

25,000 India citizen are expected to brought back in India of the 106 flights, the largest number will be the Gulf, where there are largest number of citizens are waiting to return. There will be 11 flights to the UAE, 7 to Dubai, 6 to Saudi Arabia Including Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah, 2 to Bahrain, 3 to Kuwait, 7 to Oman and 3 to Qatar.

In the first week, there had been flights to the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Now, there will be 5 flights from Indonesia, 6 from Malaysia and 5 from the Philippines. Along with South East Asia, there will be 6 flights to Australia.

In the second week, there will also be flight each to Nepal and Afghanistan. There will be a flight to Dhaka, Bangladesh as well.

This is initial report publish in Times of India, but the final list is yet to come at Air India official site. we are waiting for final list once it update will give you full list.

Checkout Air India Outbound flight for other countries click here

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