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“Mumbai Airport is ready” – Airport Authority, Check what you should know before going to Airport

Last updated on 12 August 2020

This is the latest news coming from Mumbai Airport, Airport Authority announced that they are ready to operate the flight and they have taken all the precaution measures to curb the spread the Covid-19

Government of India is yet to take the decision to operate the flight but in between country two major airport Delhi Airport and Mumbai Airport is ready to operate their regular flight.

Check what you should know before reaching to the airport

  • you should wear proper mask, without mask you are not allowed to enter the Airport.
  • You have to follow the social distancing in the airport area.
  • There will be marking in at all the palaces in Airport you have to follow all these marking
  • You have to carry less luggage and Airport authority advise you to do the web checkin.
  • Airport will operate the 50% capacity so only some limited flight will operate at limited location

Till the time no any announcement from government side to start the flight and also Airlines companies are waiting for the guideline regards to seating arrangement, whether they have to keep middle seat blank of not.

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