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Protocol you have to follow before taking Air India any flight

Last updated on 12 August 2020

Hello Friends, If you are stranded in other country and want to come in India, In this pandemic situation then you should know all these compulsory protocol issued by Embassy of India.

  1. All Passenger will go compulsory medical screening and IGM/IGG test at time of departure of the flight.
  2. All passenger required to be signed a Undertaking document.
  3. They have to declare that they are ready to bear the expenses of quarantine in India
  4. Each Passenger will be handed over Gloves, Mask and hand sanitizer.
  5. Passenger has to follow social distancing norms.
  6. If any Passenger is found not well or sick he will not all to fly.
  7. after landing in India passenger has to spend 14 days Quarantine.
  8. After spending minimum 14 days in Quarantine, they have to go medical test again if test result will come negative, then only passenger will allow to go home.

This is the document publish shared by Indian Embassy.

You check this twitter link where Embassy has posted all the details.

Hope you will understand all the process, if you want to know in details please check

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