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Paid quarantine facility for passengers landing at Delhi airport, there will no free quarantine center at Airport

Last updated on 12 August 2020

Indian Government in starting face looking to setup free quarantine center but now government has setup only paid quarantine center for the peoples who are landing at Delhi Airport

Who ever are returning from abroad after follow the process at the respective country

“The passengers will be quarantined at a paid institutional quarantine center. Also, as per the new order, passengers from other states will also be quarantined for 14 days by the Delhi government,” a Delhi government official

Quarantine Centre at Delhi Airport

Process for quarantine center

After clearance of immigration, passports of the passengers will be retained by the immigration officials and passengers in batches of 30, will be handed over to an escort team headed by a Central Industrial Security Force officer. The passports would not be hand over to the passenger

The passengers will then move to the luggage belts to collect the luggage and passengers will proceed further through the customs & other procedure. The passengers will then move to the designated area as made by Delhi government . Here, the passports of the entire batch will be handed over to the medical officer in-charge at the counter.

After checks, passports of the entire batch will be given to the medical head team, who will take them to the designated quarantine center in respective buses provided by the Delhi government.

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